The things you can ask Cole. By far the best use of freetime ever.


The Legacy: Realm of Terror, MS-DOS.


Silent Hill, PS1.


Clock Tower 3 advert.

before i played mass effect ididnt know mch abt it i just knew jack and miranda and that they argued a lot so i figured theyre like. space girlfriends that just fight a lot and after playin thru all of the games i was pleased to say that i was completely right

im so tired i didnt sleep at all i had like 3 different nightmares

troubleshooting space diva ♥‿♥

La Meditation, Detail.

by Anatole Vely (1838 - 1882)

autisticthranduil replied to your post
what da test

this 1

tumblr just recommended me an ableist asshole w/ a sp icon who was shitting on autistic ppl why do u hate me david

i got morrigan on that da test. Nice


Elvira: The Arcade Game, Amiga.

Silent Hill 3 - Lakeside Amusement Park